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Star Wars!!! update and mistake

i saw the star wars masterpiece in the train tunnel again and it had changed…for the worse. some toy added, rather unskillfully, some neon green and blue. ugh -regrettable.

i also realized that what i thought was ‘basic’ on the left is actually ‘bueno’. mea culpa. told you i was illiterate half the time =)

check original post here:

halifax street art





some great 8-bit stickers and stencils

More Blade Runner

told you i had more Blade Runner flics: Harrison AND Sting =)


UFO stencil

great stencil piece


found these AWESOME characters  a couple days ago in a torn down building at one of the busiest intersections in town.



funniest thing yet i’ve seen on the street:

found another one even:


did i mention there’s a lot of cut vinyl stickers here? cause there are. i actually met the guy who does these deer last week. nice fellow. he’s got other animal stickers all over too, but they are for another post.

there’s also a tagger who writes ‘dear’ (one image today for ya).

oh and one deer stencil!

check it: =)


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